Salem Teaser

Paradox has released a teaser trailer for Salem, the MMO they were pitching as a hardcore perma-death game. A quick look around YouTube reveals the game’s true art style.... [Read more]

This made my day

Maybe it’ll make yours too.  Read More →

Valve Pays Homage to Apple’s “1984″ Commercial

I love Valve so much. Not enough to load L4D2 again, but quite a lot.  Read More →

Gaming in Brazil

I’m back from a 21 day escapade in Brazil. One of my goals for the trip was to learn a bit about gaming culture outside the U.S. For some reason my wife-com-translator, Fe, was... [Read more]

We’re Ba-ack

We’re on the other side of the server move. You’re probably wondering why I’ve jumped ship. There are several reasons; but I think this image should explain everything. So,... [Read more]

LAN Party Eve

I’ve finally gathered enough real life PC gamers around me to have a LAN party. After nearly 15 years of computer games I can finally play in the same room as my team. To... [Read more]

Modern Warfare’s Intro Leak

I think this would be referred to as a “Hard M.” I really wouldn’t want to see kids playing this, but let’s define terms here. To me a kid is someone who can’t... [Read more]

2D Sonic Next Year

I know what you’re thinking… But this time it’ll be different. I hope.  Read More →

GFW Reunion Show

GameVideos posted the video of the GFW Reunion show from PAX. They’re kind enough to provide embeddable flash, so I’ll pass the awesomeness on to you.  Read More →

No Hype Reviews Podcast #5!

We finally got around to making another podcast, audio only. Enjoy: Powered by The music in this episode was made by Ed Harrison. You should buy his cd. I also mentioned... [Read more]

Learning About Freelancing

What does a freelancer do? How does someone become a freelancer? Those are the questions I should have asked when I started researching this post. Instead I assumed it was as easy... [Read more]

Morality in Games

I picked up inFamous, which is a great game. Really. You should play it. Anyone reading this has probably read a million reviews about it and/or has played it themselves, so I’m... [Read more]


So I’ve got a few tasty morsels that I cannot confirm for one reason or another. I want to share, as I believe my sources, but you should take this with a grain of salt. NATAL’s... [Read more]

Does Activision need Sony?

A recent Ars article quotes a Times Online story, which quotes (gotta love the blog-o-sphere) Activision CEO Bobby Kotick as saying: “I’m getting concerned about Sony;... [Read more]

Older News


The Dead Island Confession – Part 1 and 2

Hey faithful readers, long time no see. I’ve been working on a new thing with a friend of mine. We call it ‘The Confessional.’ We go through games we have purchased... [Read more]

Walking Dead – Quick Impressions

I played 30-45 minutes of The Walking Dead last night. This was enough time to finish the first scene, with a suitable introduction to the main character. They’ve laid the... [Read more]

Alan Wake and Story Telling

Hey guy, this post may have spoilers. I’m going to talk about some specific things the game does to tell stories, so your experience may be corrupted by reading this. If... [Read more]

Dennis Miller Style

“Now, I don’t want to get off on a rant here, but” when I read the news over at the Wolfire Blog I felt like John Gacy at a Greyhound bus stop. Listen, I’m... [Read more]

Mass Effect 2 – The Bad

I’m about seven hours deep in this game, and I can tell there’s a lot more for me to do. So much so that I’m going to break my discussion of the game into parts. Here’s... [Read more]

Majesty 2

I may have talked about this before, I don’t remember. Majesty 2 is my kind of RTS, that is to say it’s an RTS hidden under a thick layer of RPG and SimCity. You play as the... [Read more]

Star-Trek: Online beta

I’ve been swamped with work the last few days; yet I managed to get a few hours in on the Star-Trek: Online beta. I’ve just gotten outside of the tutorial missions, and I’ve... [Read more]

No Hypecast Outtakes

Our feed broke, working on getting the files hosted here. Standard Podcast [ 20:28 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download podPressShowHidePlayer('1', '',... [Read more]

My Game

I haven’t really had much time for gaming this week. I’m not 100% sure why; just hasn’t worked out that way. Instead I’ve begun to write the design document for the game... [Read more]

Difficulty Curves

Why is it so hard to make difficulty right? A week ago I was looking over someone’s tic-tac-toe program with three difficulty settings. Easy was completely random. Medium was... [Read more]

MAG and Modern Warfare 2

I wanted to talk about the MAG beta today, but I found it unplayable. Zipper isn’t known for their FPS prowess, so I’m not going to complain about it too much. I found the... [Read more]

Castle Age

I am compelled beyond comprehension to play Castle Age constantly. This Facebook app consists of waiting a set amount of time for enough points to spend on clicking a button, causing... [Read more]

Top 10 Game Companies of the Last Decade

I gathered Andrew and Caleb together to figure out which brands we liked the most of the last decade. Not new companies, per say, but companies that did a lot of work we approve... [Read more]

The Honorable Mentions

We’re writing about our ten favorite developers of the last decade. It’s a pretty unwieldy post to write. After arguing about who gets listed and at what rank for a few hours... [Read more]

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